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Let PVS remind you of important inspection appointments easily using the column sorting. This way you will see immediately when a product is no longer suitable for use.

Your product list gives you a quick overview of the next interval inspections. Upcoming dates are automatically marked in red. Dates that are more than one month away are marked in yellow.


After clicking on a product’s designation, you will see all the relevant information. The blue “Lifti Ball” will quickly lead you to options like “Order”, “Describe NFC Tag”, “Log History” and “New Log”. You can add photos and sensitive data formats for logging purposes.

You can find dates and reminders below in the navigation behind the “Clock” icon. Schedule new dates of any kind using the blue “Lifti Ball”.

Order or return a BRUGG ReBox by using the dashboard. To do this, just click on the “House” icon from anywhere in the application.

Fill in the input fields to be guided through the ordering process.

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