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PVS stands for variability. Therefore, you can structure and designate various views to best suit your business and your processes. This allows you to identify calendar entries, locations, or other important features even more quickly.

You can personalize the list views, such as adding your own columns or adjusting the sequence. To change the column sequence, just drag the tab and drop it at the desired position.

To add or hide columns, just click on the blue “Lifti Ball”. Here, you will find the icon for “Columns”. To create entirely new columns, go to the product template in the product forms and click on the green “Lifti Ball” . . .

. . . Here, you will find a variety of pre-set specifications, which you can also search in. You can drag selected specifications via drag and drop into the options. Add new specifications using the pen at the top left.

You can edit some columns directly in the table  by  clicking on the pen. This way, you can edit designations, locations or notes.

You can access several new and existing functions via the green or blue “Lifti Ball”.

PVS Conatct

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