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Quick and straightforward operation – whether on your computer in the office or on your smartphone or tablet on the move. PVS lets you work more effectively, wherever you are.

The view of your own database lets you always keep track of all co-workers and PVS contact persons, products, forthcoming calendar entries, and any notes on file.

Just click on the respective tab and the “Edit” icon using the pen to change data.

Add new entries using the green “+”. Drop-down menus in the pop-up window will display all important criteria.

To find further important functions, just click on the “Lifti Ball” at the bottom right.

The bottom navigation bar in the centre leads you, from left to right, to all important information. Here, you will find the list with various customers, your own database, the product list, the order form, the note overview, the calendar, and the settings.

The settings allow you not only to administer co-workers, but also to administer their user rights. Find out more under #7.

PVS Conatct

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